The Polyomino Jigsaw Puzzle Competition

The results of our Polyomino competition are out! We had some wonderful entries, some of which you’ll see here. Of course, we could not have every entry win or even the majority of entries so we chose 2, one for KS2 and one for KS1 as those that we will award the prizes to. We consider everyone who had a go to be a winner!

We’ve scrambled the puzzles so that you can cut them out and have a go.

KS2 Prize

Valerie’s entry caught us based on the effort and detail that went into the picture and our shared belief that pandas do indeed love maths! It is also perfect as a t-shirt puzzle as the picture might mean that someone could solve it with out cutting it out and moving pieces around thanks to the picture.

The polyomino pieces used could be considered to be the most challenging ones to place also.

Well done Valerie!

KS1 Prize

Finn’s entry reminded us all of Roots2Grow and we thought it was a really nice example of a KS1 puzzle. The tree branches make it still a bit tricky to solve but not too hard. You need to use both the polyominoes and the picture for clues. Well done Finn!

Both Finn and Valerie will receive a Maths Explorers’ T-shirt with their puzzle on the back.

There were some other entries that were worth an honourable mention.

Sybil produced a colourful picture that made all of us happy.

Ashton had a wonderful idea to use an acrostic poem (about maths of course) in place of an image. This makes the puzzle that much more of a challenge.

Ted also had a great idea for the puzzle. We weren’t sure how challenging this would be but it worked out quite well.

And Naia also had an innovative idea that makes this puzzle quite a challenge. She used a series of blue and orange parallel and perpendicular lines that crossed the puzzle diagonally.

If you would like to try out any of our explorers’ puzzles, you can download them here

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