Points, Lines, Shapes, Solids

Using playdough and spaghetti sticks is a great way to start getting into the wonderful world of 3D shape and space. That is because you can build up from 2D shapes that are more familiar.

To get used to working with spaghetti and playdough, try making a triangle, square, and other shapes.

What about shapes like a right-angled triangle, or a diamond in a square that will need you to break some spaghetti sticks?

This challenge is actually much more of an open investigation into ways to play with spaghetti and playdough as well as a challenge of how exotic a shape you can make.

Here’s an example of a slightly more complicated version of the challenge shape:

Building a Tetrahedron and fractalising it to create a serpinski style model

A tetrahedron is one of the types of solids known as Platonic Solids. Look these solids up (try Wikipedia to begin with). How many of them can you make? If you get through all 5 (please share some pictures with us if you do), you might like to try some Archimedean solids!

This week’s download to get you thinking about the making process with spaghetti and playdough

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