Rolling Block Challenges

Rolling blocks can be found as apps (both web and mobile).

Here’s a video of a much more sophisticated version of the game called Block Master 2000 that can be found in Apple and Play Store

The idea is to be able to roll a small block from one place and eventually to stand up on a particular square. Sometimes that is a hole that it falls through sometimes it’s another token.

In more simple worlds, you just have to be able to get the block from one space to another. In this case, you have to imagine how you would move it to get it to fall down the hole.

To move the block, you imagine rolling it or tipping it the way you want it to go. You can only tip it onto its sides so up, down, left or right.

Here’s an example of a set of moves that should get the block into the hole. Can you do it in fewer moves?

Try these and other puzzles. If you have mathlink cubes or any cubes that are 2x2x2 cm, try doing it in real life to get a feel for what’s going on.

Download these and other examples here.

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