3D drawing – using isometric paper

Have you ever seen one of those amazing artists draw a scene on the floor that makes it look like there’s a massive hole in the ground? Here’s an example.

All of this is drawn on the pavement and made to look 3D while being 2D in reality.

There are a lot of techniques for making images look 3D. We’ll look at the use of isometric projection to do that here.

Isometric projection takes the 3 coordinate axes and places them 120 degrees apart. Here’s an example of a cube drawn with isometric projection.

This looks like a 3D cube (although sometimes it looks like a kind of inverted cube). We can see the 3 different dimensions most easily if we look at the green Y in the middle. Then the cube is finished off with a hexagon around the outside. Not every one can see these cubes and I believe some people find it difficult to even look at isometric paper!

This week’s challenge is to take a cube like the one above and see if you can draw things on the side that maintain the 3D illusion. If you see the windows on the Batman drawing above, They really look like they are in the wall and make the whole 3D illusion work.

In this example, the cube still seems 3D but the images on the side don’t help the illusion. So they don’t look like they are sitting on the cube face at all. Or maybe they look like they could be on the side but they look a bit funny. For example, the circle looks like an oval.

Download these templates and try the following:

  • Draw a cube on the paper
  • Draw a more complicated cube shape such as a larger cube or a cube creation
  • Draw the shapes (star, heart, circle, and arrow) in such a way that they look like they are part of the cube

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