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Sailing in the Number Island Seas

This week’s challenge is mainly to do with partitioning numbers. Learning our number bonds to 10 or 20 can be really useful in helping our mental arithmetic and in turn all of our arithmetic takes less effort.

If you would be interested in joining an online maths club session that explores this challenge together over the Easter break, we are running trial club sessions at various times over the next two weeks.

Let us know how you get on with supporting children with maths at home by completing this short questionnaire – https://forms.gle/7K4RwWdfjRb5xxmaA

Just add your contact details in the questionnaire and tick that you are interested in free online maths clubs over Easter, and we will get back to people on a first come first served basis to invite them to some of the clubs we’re running.

Challenge On Boarding – Using number bonds to 10,20…

Using basic number bonds to 10

First of all, work out all the number bond pairs (2 numbers) that add up to 10.

Then see if you can find any 3 number groups that add up to 10

   e.g.  2 + 3 + ____

Ten Frames

Ten frames (such as a Numicon ten piece) can be helpful.

Using number bonds to 20 The easiest way to make 20 is by getting two sets of number bonds to 10.

Or find ways to make 20 using 3, or 5 numbers.

Challenge Onboarding – Polyominoes

Check this post for details about getting into polyominoes

The Challenges

Challenge 1 – Polyomino Islands that add up to 10x

Challenge 2 – Number Islands – How many can you make on the map below?

Activity – Complete the Number Islands – Make a game

Download or share all of these challenges with this pdf and let us know how you got on with it by tweeting using #momentofmaths and start to see Every moment is a #momentofmaths.

Answers to challenge 1

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