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Colouring Maps and Networks

The 4 Colour theorem was known to be practically true for at least 100 years before it was proved in 1976. It was the first mathematical proof that relied on computers to prove it. Even then it took over a thousand hours to complete. It would not take nearly as long today of course.

This week’s challenge explores this idea and looks at the number of colours needed to colour a map in such a way that countries that share a border are coloured in different colours.

Some of the related maths topics

  • Networks
  • Colour sequences
  • Shapes
  • Logic

To try this challenge:

  1. Download the resource file with templates and challenges
  2. Print out the file
  3. Get coloured pens or pencils
  4. Watch the video below

Download or share all of these challenges with this pdf and let us know how you got on with it by tweeting using #momentofmaths and start to see Every moment is a #momentofmaths.

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