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Navigating the Ocean

This week’s online club challenges took us on a voyage of the ocean to discover some of the wonders that you can find there. If you would like to try these challenges in our online maths clubs, visit https://online.roots2grow.org/ and book a free trial session.

Exploring the oceans has so many parallels with exploring maths. You can get lost. There will be times when you are sailing and can’t see any landmarks and however far you travel, you won’t fall off the edge of the world. You might be sailing and catch sight of a land you think is India, only to find out it’s somewhere entirely different.

Starting our voyage

We used 2 different but important navigation systems. For years 1 – 4 we used a coordinate grid and North, South, East and West and for year 5 upwards, we used bearings (a way of specifying directions using an angle).

Explorers found their way around our “world” to pick up clues and figure out how to represent the information on a map.

We hope that this enables discussions about oceans, maps or navigating. We would love it if you do have any #momentsofmaths while doing this if you could share them with us. You can do this in the comments or by uploading a picture to the gallery.

Some related topics:

  • Position and direction
  • Addition and subtraction
  • skip counting
  • Angles and bearings
  • coordinates/vectors

To try this activity:

  1. Download the resource file with templates and challenges
  2. Print out the file
  3. Get a ruler, coloured pencils and scissors
  4. Watch the video below
  5. This one’s aimed at KS3 activities – KS3 video

Download or share all of these challenges with this pdf and let us know how you got on with it by tweeting using #momentofmaths and start to see Every moment is a #momentofmaths. Please add any photos or videos to our gallery. Here’s the link: View and upload moments. Remember you can explore the chalenges that we post here in our online maths clubs where you get an online version that you can play with directly on your computer. To find out more about our online clubs go to https://online.roots2grow.org/

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