Polyomino Challenges

Polyominoes are shapes made by sticking squares together in a particular way.

  • All squares must be connected to at least one other square
  • Squares can only be connected across a full side

There are lots of kinds of polyominoes but the first few are as follows:

  • Unominoes (or single squares)
  • Dominoes (which probably need no introduction
  • Triominoes (not very helpful by themselves but a good building block)
  • Tetrominoes (of tetris fame)
  • Pentominoes (this is where it starts to get interesting)

This term we’ll be presenting challenges to do with these shapes. We will explore ways to combine them, symmetry and tessellation and lots more.

Each week we’ll provide a challenge and any printouts that will help you to work on the challenge.

If you try a challenge, please let us know how it went either by leaving a comment here or posting on twitter using a hashtag #momentofmaths

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