Weekly Challenge

Rotating Polyominoes

This week our challenge is to explore the rotational symmetry of polyominoes.

What are polyominoes?

Polyominoes are made when squares are connected along a whole edge or two vertices. They are great for exploring properties of shapes.

How to tell if a polyomino has rotational symmetry

The Challenges

Find at least 20 polyominoes that have rotational symmetry…

…but there’s a catch. You have to do it with as few squares as possible. Is it possible to do with 100 squares?

Find the centre of rotation for the polyominoes

When these shapes rotate, which part stays still. You can test this using a pencil to make sure that one point is the centre of rotation. See if the shape matches the outline when rotated upside down.

Solve Galaxies Puzzles

This is a really cool type of puzzle that uses the concept we’ve been playing with in these challenges.

Download the resources for these challenges and let us know how you got on with it by tweeting using #momentofmaths and start to see Every moment is a #momentofmaths

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