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TetraColours – Using colours to solve shape puzzles

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Welcome to this week’s challenge & a *special maths exploring offer* for mums & dads (see below).

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To our regulars – thank you for receiving our challenge every week! We’ve changed up the presentation of the support material – it is in video format, with printable templates of resources available for you to download at home or school.

New Gallery feature – If you or your children do try any part of the challenges – you can now submit photos for sharing and inspiring others to get involved and spot moments of maths too. You can access the gallery at https://momentofmaths.roots2grow.org/users-photo-gallery/ and upload photos here https://momentofmaths.roots2grow.org/post-image/. Feel free to post past work too, related to our challenges or any of your own explorations! Remember, photos posted don’t need to show ‘neat’, ‘complete’ or ‘polished’ work/ images – anything you’ve been involved in that captures the spirit of what maths exploration, discovery, fulfilment, enjoyment or escapism means to you – however scrappy or messy looking – will be just perfect! Only show faces if you’re happy for these to be publicly viewable on the page. Thank you!

Keep finding and sharing moments of maths!


Colours and numbers have lots in common.  We use numbers to help us understand patterns and connections between things.  We can use colours to understand patterns too, make codes and draw out many other connections.  In this week’s challenge, we will try and use colour patterns to help us solve a mathematical puzzle.

Some of the related maths topics

  • Transformations of shapes (reflection and rotation)
  • Grids (Rows and Columns)
  • Area

To try this challenge:

  1. Download the resource file with templates and challenges
  2. Print out the file
  3. Get scissors, sticky tape and possibly coloured pens or pencils
  4. Watch the video below

*Special Maths Exploring Offer* – “Knowing by doing”

When we go through our own ‘lived’ journey, the wisdom and insights with which we can support others is also likely to grow…we can be ‘told’ something many times and still never ‘know’ it with the depth & nuance that we can when we live it ourselves….

With this week’s challenge, if you’re a parent curious about how or whether regular maths exploration and finding moments of maths can incrementally support your child’s enjoyment and fluency with maths concepts, come join us on an introductory free meet-up & chat, using this week’s Tetracolours challenge as the case-study to trigger discussion.

The first 5 mums or dads to apply get a free place, but…read on! Only apply if you think you are willing to try out the following 3 step math’s journey!

Step 1: Have a go at this week’s challenge or parts of it yourself with the digital resources we send you or with the manual ones we publish. Remember the journey we’re hoping you will embark on is not about any pressure to ‘solve’ the challenge, but just to explore it

Step 2: Keep a mini-log/ bullet point or other self-reflective diary of your journey with the challenge (we will send you some guidance on this with your resources). Things to note will be emotions, connections you make or notice, mathematical ‘topics’ or ‘concepts’ you think you recognise, observations or questions; you will not need to share this, but during the meet-up it may have drawn your attention to ideas you would like to bring up

Step 3: Be free on Wednesday 24th, 7pm to join us for an hour or so of Zoom chat around your experience of the challenge and your work. Please be prepared to share some of your thoughts or reflections, we will be drawing out conversation threads that we think are helpful in getting to know how we support our children’s maths work and opportunities for maths topics & interconnections to be spotted and practised. Depending on time, you may have other more general or specific questions about supporting your child in maths at home – we’re happy to try and help with these too.

Practical stuff – We will be sending you online resources to explore the challenge with (though of course if you prefer the manual tools we’ve published that’s great too). If you would like to use the online tools we send, then you will need internet access and a device such as laptop or tablet. The final meet-up will be in Zoom. We’ll be opening a temporary chat forum in Facebook too, where you can post questions, confusions and comments around the challenge, that we we will try and respond to

Apply to join the meet-up by emailing Rita at maths@roots2grow,org with “Parent meet-up” in the subject bar. Thank you!

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