Sorting Data

We sort all kinds of data into categories. This is a large part of the impact on computer science on our lives – the ability for a computer to sort large amounts of data extremely quickly.

Once data is sorted or arranged in certain ways, it becomes much easier to find patterns or process it in other ways.

In this week’s challenge, we look at using a Carroll Diagram. This is a fairly simple sorting tool but an important concept even if not much used in this particular form.

Venn diagrams are more commonly used as they are more versatile. For example you can create a 3 category Venn diagram quite easily and even higher dimension ones with some clever arranging. This is not so easy with a Carroll Diagram.

To take part in this week’s challenge, you’ll need to:

  • Download the activity sheet
  • Get a list of data that you want to sort (at least 6 items)
  • Choose categories that mean that you can place the items into the Carroll diagram in such a way that each of the squares in the diagram has a different number of items

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