Autumn Leaves

As we head towards winter, there is one part of the changing times that adds colour to our lives. Leaves. Actually, they add a whole lot more of course so this week we looked at some of the patterns that you can see if you investigate leaves. If you would like to try these challenges in our online maths clubs, visit and book a free trial session.

There are lots of leaves around for us to collect at the moment and they have lots of different colours as well as shapes and sizes. We chose to look at some of the patterns that we can associate with leaves, everywhere from patterns inherent in the leaves to our use of the idea of branching trees and leaves to help us remember mathematical structures.

As there are so many leaves around at the moment (if you are in the northern hemisphere at least), it’s a great opportunity to do leaf based activities. That could be from spot the leaf games to collecting leaves as craft materials. We would love it if you do have any #momentsofmaths while doing this if you could share them with us. You can do this in the comments or by uploading a picture to the gallery.

Some related topics:

  • Area and measurement
  • Sequences
  • Factors and Primes
  • Angles
  • Networks
  • Data handling

To try this activity:

  1. Download the resource file with templates and challenges
  2. Print out the file
  3. Get a pencil, ruler and protractor
  4. Watch the video below which contains activities for KS2/3
  5. This one’s aimed at KS1/2 activities – KS1/2 video

Download or share all of these challenges with this pdf and let us know how you got on with it by tweeting using #momentofmaths and start to see Every moment is a #momentofmaths. Please add any photos or videos to our gallery. Here’s the link: View and upload moments. Remember you can explore the chalenges that we post here in our online maths clubs where you get an online version that you can play with directly on your computer. To find out more about our online clubs go to

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